Tabasco Miniature Travel Pack, Box of 4


For those of you who need to spice up airline meals or can't find TABASCO in remote areas, such as on outdoor excursions, this unique travel pack includes 4 miniature bottles of TABASCO Pepper Sauce. Definitely the right pack for all TABASCO lovers!- Box...

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Dijon Mustard - Stoneware Jar, 250g


All natural, in traditional stone jar, Made in Dijon, France. Crock can be reused.The Fallot family has enjoyed a worldwide reputation for exceptional quality, since 1840. The Mustards are made in Beaune, France near Dijon, where seeds are selected for...

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Cocktail Jam Gift Box - Set of 4, 1.2kg


Who says you need to wait till the sun is over the yard arm to enjoy a tipple? These are suitable for any time of the day – slathered on hot buttered toast, with scones and clotted cream or just stirred into creamy porridge. Or why not try them...

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