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Sin Queso Plant Based Dip - Spicy, 360ml


SIN QUESO PLANT BASED DIP is our 100% plant based nacho dip made from whole foods. Our dip allows you to indulge in nachos, mac and cheese, cheesy burgers and whatever else your heart desires.- Dairy-Free, Gluten-Free, No Additives- Ingredients:...

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Worcestershire - All-Malt Amber-Lager, 8oz


Colonel Pabst Worcestershire Sauce is small-batch brewed and uses an old Pabst family recipe.They start with a fresh, Milwaukee craft beer, adding 20 all-natural ingredients like Indian tamarind, Madras curry, whole peppercorns, and cinnamon stick.- The...

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Dijon Mustard - Stone Ground, 375ml


The distinct high quality and flavour of this specialty mustard is due to the traditional grinding of the mustard seeds with silex grindstones. This 375ml glass jar of robust-flavoured Dijon mustard is perfect for vinaigrettes and adds a spark most any...

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Acacia Honey - 100% Natural, 250g


Soul Flower!The Acacia flower symbolizes renewal, perseverance, fortitude and integrity.Honigma's acacia honey is light golden yellow and is derived from the white nectar of the Robinia pseudoacacia flower. It is liquid in consistency and takes longer to...

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Chilli Jam, 235g


A sweet jam with a slight kick! Works well as a treat in a steak baguette, or as a dip with some beer battered king prawns.- Vegetarian friendly, Vegan friendly, Gluten free.- Ingredients: Sweet Chilli Chutney Ingredients: Sugar, Red Pepper Puree,...

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Orange Quince Paste - All Natural, 240g


Can Bech Mediterranean Quince Paste: A delicacy produced with selected quinces of the highest quality. It can be consumed alone or integrated into other recipes.- The most popular combination of quince paste is with cheese, and especially cured cheeses...

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