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Black Truffle Salt, 60g


Now you can add luxury to every dish. Sprinkle this on anything from your favourite pasta to freshly buttered popcorn.Amola creates Canadian and globally inspired infused salts, seasonings and specialty herbs and spices. Headquartered on Granville Island...

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Barrel Smoked Whisky Salt, 75g


Small batch. Handcrafted. Cold smoked using single malt whisky barrels from Shelter Point Distillery.This smoky, crunchy, finishing flake sea salt is redolent of whisky and smoked bacon with a bold spicy oak aroma that blooms and amplifies as you taste...

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WingNut - Salt Shaker Kit, 150g


4 great crowd-pleasing salts in this kit. All blends are made in-house and use only the finest ingredients. All of the sea salts used are Kosher certified. All blends are gluten and dairy-free.- WingNut: Smokn' Guns, Acadian Cajun, Canadian Bacon?, Lemon...

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