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Whole Green Castelvetrano Olives, 250ml


This buttery green olive comes from the province of Trapani, Sicily. Its rounded shape and intense green colour, follows the typical tradition of Sicilian production with manual harvesting, guaranteeing absolute quality. Olives contain pits.-...

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Leccino Pitted Olives in Brine, 314ml


The pitted Leccino variety is a perfect choice to garnish pasta, main courses or to enrich salads.- The Leccino Olive tree is native of south-central Italy (Tuscany, Latium, Abruzzi and Apulia).
 - Ingredients: Olives, water, salt ,ascorbic acid,...

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Blue Cheese Stuffed Olives, 5oz


Delicious in your martini or popped in your mouth! Saucy Mama's blue cheese stuffed olives are a treat from her to you. Spicy Mama's olives make every meal extraordinary.
- Gluten-Free- Hand-Stuffed Olives- Imported Spanish Olives- Made in USA with...

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Green Olives Stuffed with Anchovies, 280g


Manzanilla olives stuffed with anchovies create a combination that is simply irresistible. Extra-Large and stuffed with the perfect amount of anchovy to make the flavor pop! Mildly flavoured and not overpowering, these perfectly balanced stuffed olives...

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