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Preserved Lemons with Olive Oil, 275ml


A staple of kitchens from the South of France to North Africa, preserved lemon brightens sauces, vinaigrettes, and even mashed potatoes with its subtle interplay of salt and citrus. When rubbed over fish before grilling or roasting, the lemony pulp...

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Piquillo Peppers - Grilled in Brine, 225g


Cucina & Amore Piquillo Peppers have a delicious balance of surprising sweetness with a small touch of heat. Our Piquillo Peppers are grilled and brined to perfection to guarantee an impeccable pepper every time. Enjoy these sweet and subtly spicy...

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Capers Surfines, 1L


Capers are an essential ingredient in the cuisines of many Mediterranean countries, from Greece to the Iberian peninsula. Pickled Spanish Surfines Capers match well with smoked fish, particularly salmon.
Ingredients: Capers, water, salt, vinegar.

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Minced Ginger - Organic, 190g


If you'd like to save time cooking, try adding minced ginger to your recipes. The Ginger People's Organic Minced Ginger is great in sauces, curries, or cookies. Try it stir-fried with garlic, shrimp, and snap peas; make it into a sorbet with blueberries;...

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Pickled Ginger - Organic, 190g


Want to have an authentic sushi experience at home? Serve pickled ginger alongside your sashimi! Unlike the dyed ginger often found in restaurants, this organic ginger retains its natural colour. It's great as a palate cleanser, or with spring rolls,...

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