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Black Garlic - Organic, 70 gr


Black Garlic is a complex new flavor, both sweet and savory.  It adds a delicious savory taste, known as umami, to any dish.  It deepens and intensifies flavor.  It balances taste and rounds out the overall flavor of a dish.  It has a...

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Pickled Walnuts in Malt Vinegar, 390g


Opies Pickled Walnuts are harvested before shell formation, cooked and marinated in a special malt vinegar recipe to bring out the qualities of the pickle. A traditional accompaniment to cheeses, cold meats and salads. Also as a delicious ingredient...

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Preserved Lemons with Olive Oil, 275ml


A staple of kitchens from the South of France to North Africa, preserved lemon brightens sauces, vinaigrettes, and even mashed potatoes with its subtle interplay of salt and citrus. When rubbed over fish before grilling or roasting, the lemony pulp...

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Whole Artichoke Hearts in Brine, 14.5oz


Cucina & Amore’s artichokes are grown high on the plains of Peru where they are picked at their peak, then grilled over live fire and carefully packed into bottles with natural sea salt, vinegar and spices. This is the way that Artichokes have...

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