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Milk Frothers


Milk Café Frother - Stainless Steel

$200.00 $180.69

Make the ultimate rich and creamy hot milk drinks.Long gone are the days when enjoying hot milk drinks was like giving your taste buds a bubble bath. Simply choose the appropriate frothing disc, add milk, select your temperature, hit start and get ready...

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Enfinigy Milk Frother, Black

$185.00 $130.69

Simply foamy: Milk foam at barista quality made easily at home is no problem with the ZWILLING ENFINIGY Milk Frother. With its two attachments for stirring and foaming, it ensures particularly creamy foam. The foam attachment keeps the milk constantly...

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Bistro - Electric Milk Frother, Black

$50.00 $45.19

Transform your daily cup of joe into a coffeehouse specialty with our BISTRO electric milk frother. This magical milk foamer ensures all your favourite drinks are at your fingertips, whenever you desire.- For a barista-quality cappuccino, froth cold milk...

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Milk Frother - Original, Chrome


Aerolatte Milk Frothers are the world-famous, award-winning, best-selling original steam-free milk frother. Safe and easy to use, the Aerolatte milk frother eliminates the need for expensive steam-based machines. It works directly in your mug or glass...

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