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Volt 12 Electric Pizza Oven


Ooni’s first electric oven, Ooni Volt opens new ways to make authentic, restaurant-quality pizza at home, indoors and out.- Cooks Neapolitan-style pizza in just 90 seconds.- Manually adjusted or automatic heat settings make it great for both novice...

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Neuro Fuzzy Rice Cooker + Warmer, 5.5 Cup

$300.00 $270.79

The Zojirushi Neuro Fuzzy Rice Cooker & Warmer features advanced Fuzzy Logic technology, which allows the rice cooker to 'think' for itself and make fine adjustments to temperature and heating time to cook perfect rice every time.-...

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Easy Edge Electric Knife Sharpener

$280.00 $200.49

The Wusthof Easy Edge electric knife sharpener delivers the professional results of flexible grinding belt technology in an easy-to-use home sharpening system. Simple one-touch control guides the user through each of the sharpening cycles without the...

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Sous Vide at Home

$47.00 $42.30

The Modern Technique for Perfectly Cooked Meals.Sous vide has been a popular cooking technique in restaurants for years, offering tender and succulent dishes cooked to perfection. Now, from the creator of Nomiku--the first affordable sous vide...

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Electric Fondue Pot

$120.00 $85.79

Your party is sure to be a success with the elegant, brushed stainless Cuisinart Electric Fondue Set! The 3-quart (2.8 L) non-stick pot will accommodate all of your favourite fondue recipes, including chocolate, cheese, broth or oil. So call the family,...

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