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Custom Loaf Bread Maker - Stainless Steel

$400.00 $350.79

The Custom Loaf knows the baking time when you make a selection. Choose your setting, set a custom time you’d like your bread to be ready and it will tell you when to add in fruit or nuts at the perfect time and also lets you create your own...

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Sear & Press Grill - Brushes Stainless

$280.00 $240.79

Precision grilling with independent temperature control for each plate.The Sear & Press Grill has been designed to deliver perfectly pressed paninis and sandwiches, delicious burgers, seared steaks to golden waffles. Do it all with reversible and...

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Vacuum Sealer - SVV-00300

$170.00 $140.49

The Sous Vide Sealer VS3000 is designed specifically to prepare food for sous vide cooking, but also works as an everyday sealer for packaging any food to retain freshness. It features easy touch-top activation - simply push down to start sealing. The...

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Rice Cooker 10 cup with Tacook, White


The TIGER JBV-S multi-functional rice cooker allows you to prepare two dishes simultaneously with the exclusive tacook synchronized cooking function. With minimal preparation and the press of a button, Tigers Automatic Cooking Logic system actively...

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