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Easter Dove Bread - Colomba Di Pasqua, 750g


"Colomba di Pasqua" translate directly to "Easter Dove". It is a popular Italian sweet bread made for Easter that is both rich and melt-in-your-mouth soft.The Colomba is made with a natural yeast culture that is more than 70 years old. it is slowly...

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Soft Fruit Jellies, 190g


These soft fruit jellies are made from real fruit and then delicately dusted with sugar. So, while it’s a push – okay, totally wrong – to claim they make up one of your Five-a-day they truly deserve their classic status amongst sweets.-...

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lemon Crisp, 75g


This wonderfully light and crisp˜biscuit˜is not dissimilar to French tuiles. They are a delicious grown up˜snack˜with an intense lemon flavour and crisp crunch. Buttery and rich, they have˜a long-lasting lemony sweetness...

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