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Hot Sauce


Tabasco Miniature Travel Pack, Box of 4


For those of you who need to spice up airline meals or can't find TABASCO in remote areas, such as on outdoor excursions, this unique travel pack includes 4 miniature bottles of TABASCO Pepper Sauce. Definitely the right pack for all TABASCO lovers!- Box...

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Sharkbite Survival Kit - Hot Sauce, 6-pack


Eat or Be Eaten…. A combination of your favorite peppers from mild heat to hot heat. Great on fish, poultry, meats, breakfast and anything you want it on!- 5oz Jalapeno Pepper Hot Sauce- 5oz Cayenne Pepper HotSauce- 5oz Habanero Pepper Hot Sauce-...

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Mango Mandingo Caribbean Hot Sauce, 147ml


2005 Golden Chile Award Winner…"Best Fruit Hot Sauce Award"! Enjoy the fresh taste of sweet Caribbean Mangoes, in this seductive pepper sauce. Excellent on all meats, desserts, and as a party dip!
Ingredients: Mangoes, hot peppers, cane syrup,...

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Papaya Delight Caribbean Hot Sauce, 147ml


Susie's Papaya Delight Hot Sauce is a great substitute for BBQ sauce and makes a great dipping sauce for chicken wings, chicken nuggets and fish sticks. It's also great when combined with cream cheese for a quick tasty chip dip.
Ingredients: Ripe...

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Whole Ghost Peppers, 6.5oz


In 2007, the naga jolokia, or ghost pepper, was rated the spiciest pepper in the world by Guinness World Records. The ghost pepper weighs in at more than one million Scoville units, which means that when handling this small, spicy pepper, extreme caution...

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Cajun Sunshine Hot Sauce, 147ml


This Louisiana favorite delivers the spicy punch of select peppers without covering up the flavour of the food. It's a great way to add new life to old recipes.Ingredients: Vinegar, red peppers, salt, xanthum gum, guar gum and sodium alginate

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