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2018 Sep 7th

Cactus Club - various locations in Vancouver.

I know you all know the ins and outs but are you aware of the smoking happy hour specials.
It runs Monday to Saturday 3-6 and again 9 to closing. I was going to the 7 movie so this was the perfect opportunity to give it a go. We tried the mini burgers, 2 styles crispy chicken and beef. Both on a squishy soft bun loaded with a great sauce, lettuce etc. Wait, $4.00 each, then to make it even better bring on the truffle fries and again $4
We loved them so much we did round 2 at 5 minutes to 6. Our server was awesome as he rushed to get the order in for us. 

If you want more than mini burgers, the ravioli is Rob Feenies signature dish, $8.00 with Prawn he did this dish on beat Bobby Flay a few years back. If you are wanting more Steak and Frites come in at $20. This is value
Drink specials start at $4.00 topping out at $8.00 for a jalapeno marg.
I would certainly go back for happy hour at Cactus, Feenie has made a mark there, and a good one.