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Egg Topper - Stainless Steel


This egg topper will remove the tapered top of a soft-boiled egg, shell and all. Simply squeeze the handle and a ring of teeth will pierce, crack and separate the top of the egg as you gently twist and lift up to remove.- Inside diameter: 1.25-in- Solid...

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Froach Pods - Silicone Egg Rings, 2 Pack

$15.00 $12.99

Froach Pods are a totally new and healthier way to cook eggs, combining the principles of both frying and poaching into one easy-to-use revolutionary design, that uses 95% less oil than with typical frying.- These innovative silicone eggs rings feature a...

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Balloon Whisk - Red Silicone, 10-in


Our professional quality balloon whisk is perfect for mixing, whipping, blending, or stirring. Beat eggs or mix ingredients with far less effort and create lighter egg whites and creams. Attractive and sturdy, our silicone whisks are Heat resistant and...

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Earl Greyer Black Tea - Tin, 50 Tea Bags


More of a Good Thing Tea - Our exceptional Earl Greyer blend combines the lush flavour and exquisite fragrance of the Bergamot Orange, native to Southern Italy, with a lovely Ceylon black tea leaf from Sri Lanka. Recognized as the best tasting Earl Grey...

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Enfinigy Electric kettle Pro - Black, 1.5L

$275.00 $170.79

A design piece for daily use: The premium kettle in modern ZWILLING design with heat insulation. The dual-wall body also keeps heat inside the 1850 watt kettle longer while keeping the outside cool to the touch. Moreover, the lid opens to a maximum of 70...

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Coffee and Tea Scoop with Clamp, 17cm

$12.00 $7.99

Our scoop will clamp on to your coffee or tea bags so you wont be searching for it every morning. It will also keep air out of the bag keeping your coffee and tea fresh.  It also measures the perfect amount per cup.- Material: Stainless steel-...

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Egg Poacher Individual

$13.00 $9.99

Microwave Egg Poacher, with lift-and-drain colander and lid, polypropylene, BPA free. All the steps to cook, drain and serve a perfect poached egg in the microwave in one simple-to-use design. - Prepare, cook and serve delicious home-cooked food with...

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