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Hot Sauce


Pain 100% Hot Sauce, 210g


Pain is Good! Especially when it's 100 PER CENT! Created from the traditions of the old South, Original Juan sizzles the soul of every chilli hot head and tantalizes the taste buds of the meek and mild. So, are you brave enough? This will give your taste...

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Texas Pete Hot Sauce, 170g


A mid-level American hot sauce, Texas Pete brings the heat with a touch of sweetness. Although the name says Texas, this sauce actually hails from North Carolina! It's spicy enough to heat up any dish, but without overpowering the flavour of the food...

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Mango Fire Hot Sauce, 150ml


This award winning hot sauce is great on eggs, fish or chicken. It as great as a marinade ingredient or an addition to your favourite BBQ sauce.
Ingredients: Water, scotch bonnet peppers, mango nectar, onion, pineapple, banana peppers, sugar cane,...

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