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Nutt Butter & Spread


Hazelnut Cream, 190g


Brontedolci's Hazelnut Cream is rich and dense and made with at least 40% hazelnuts. Prepared with quality hazelnuts, it is ideal at any time of the day. To fill your desserts, or simply spread them on a warm slice of bread.- Ingredients: Hazelnut (40%),...

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Key Lime Spread, 6oz


We squeeze and zest key limes to make this beautiful curd-like spread...a delight for breakfast or an impromptu sweet. For a delicious dessert, try making our Key Lime Crème Brulee.
- Ingredients: Key lime juice, sugar, butter (from milk), whole...

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Sicily Hazelnut cream, 180g


A dose of instant happiness!Favuzzi hazelnut cream is particularly delicious thanks to the quality of the hazelnuts used. Rounder and whiter than other varieties, Sicilian hazelnuts are wonderfully flavourful and fragrant, not to mention rich in calcium...

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