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Orange Bitters, 5oz


A craft bar staple for over 150 years, Scrappy’s orange bitters continues the tradition with this unique blend of bright, fresh and bitter oranges, herbs, and spices. These bitters are perfect for creating cocktails such as a Martinez or a Bergamot...

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Plum Bitters, 150ml


Fee Brothers Plum Bitters is a fruity blend of plum and spices reminiscent of the flavour of British plum pudding. Add a few dashes to recipes to add an interesting depth of flavour.
Ingredients: Water, glycerin, natural plum flavour, natural and...

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Tipsy Onions, 250ml


Ready for Mad Men-style Martini Madness? Nothing complements a cocktail like a tipsy onion!
Ingredients: Onions, sugar, water, vinegar, salt, sodium benzoate, calcium, calcium chloride, vermouth, natural flavours, sulphites, potassium sorbate.

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Ginger Juice, 147ml


Natually Pressed Organic Ginger Juice has endless uses, from a quick splash in your tea, fruit or vegetable juice, to stir fries, soups, fish, vinaigrettes, sauces, marinades. The perfect time saving substitute for fresh or ground ginger.

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Elderberry Flower Concentrate, 500ml


Hafi's Swedish Elderflower Drink Concentrate is a wonderful addition to your home bar. It is used to make cool, refreshing summer drinks and as a mix for flavourful cocktails. There are even baking and dessert applications.
Ingredients: Sugar, water,...

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