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Global Knife Case - 7-Slots


Knife portfolio with zipper for quick and easy transportation of just your most essential knives. It can also be used to protect your knives if you store them in a drawer. It holds seven knives. It is made of matte black rubberized material which is...

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Fish Bone Tweezers - GS Series, 5-in


These tweezers are ideal for quickly and easily removing bones from fish fillets or whole fish.- Helps remove bones from whole fish without shredding the meat.- Designed for optimal hand grip.- One-piece construction for optimal safety and hygiene.- Made...

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Flexible Fillet Knife - Classic, 7-in


Sometimes just the right amount of flex in your blade steel makes filleting fish easier. The knife conforms to the ribs of the fish, removing meat from bones quickly and easily. Removing skin from meat is easier, too. It works well for boning and...

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