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Coffee & Tea


Graphite Grey Teapot - Cast Iron, 1.1L

$295.00 $219.99

The small, round kettle is both a tea kettle and water boiler. It has a platform for the tea strainer and a stainless steel handle which closes the lid when pouring. This makes it perfect for tea, but it can also be used for heating water. It is...

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Mrs Bean - Manual Coffee Grinder, 7-in

$70.00 $64.99

MRS. BEAN is equipped with a high-performance CeraCutXL grinder that preserves the flavour and produces large amounts. With the help of the six PRECISE+® grinding settings on the outside, results can be achieved from powder fine to coarse according...

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Teal Classic Whistling Kettle, 1.6L

$135.00 $104.99

At home in both traditional and contemporary kitchens, this fresh take on a classic design maintains the styling of an antique with elements of modern technology, like a unique bracketed handle for added control and safety when pouring...

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Teal French Press, 1L

$100.00 $76.99

Some say coffee prepared in a French press is the way every cup should be savored. Coarsely ground coffee beans are steeped in boiling water, and then filtered away by plunging the Stainless Steel mesh sieve through the press. Direct...

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Teal Grand Teapot, 1.3L

$75.00 $59.99

The tall design of the Grand Teapot is suitable for serving either tea or coffee. It has a large, easy grip handle which remains cold to the touch, making lifting and pouring effortless. It includes a steam hole, locking lid and an anti-drip spout to...

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