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Baguette Baker - Linen, 15.4 x 9.4-in


Perfect for baking artisanal breads, this ceramic loaf baker ensures that the bread retains the ideal amount of humidity while baking. Made from Burgundy clay, each baker provides even, gentle heating and features vent holes that allow excess moisture to...

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Bread Loaf Baker - Grand Cru, 9.4 x 5-in


Our Bread loaf baker allows you to bake all kinds of home-made bread (for sandwiches, gluten-free, rye bread.), with a crispy crust and soft inside. The refractory ceramic and domed lid create the right level of humidity during cooking to get a perfect...

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Bread Pan, 6.375 x 3.75 x 2.75-in


The secret to a perfectly baked loaf is the pan. Anodized aluminum pans heat faster and cool quicker than steel bread pans resulting in a higher rise and golden brown crust. All of our bread pans are seamless with straight sides and rolled rims for...

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Round Brotform - Natural Cane, 8 x 3.5-in


Kasskonnen brotform is made of high quality natural cane measures over 8MM in diameter, which is thicker and stronger than the material used by many competitors, one of the reasons why Kasskonnen® is the leading brand used by commercial bakeries in...

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