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Sponges, Brushes & Cleaning Tools


Swedish Dishcloth - Slow Down, 6.5 x 8-in

$6.00 $4.99

Take it easy with this Slow Down Swedish Dishcloth by Ecologie. This powerful plant-based cloth takes the hassle out of cleaning, giving you a little more time for life's simple pleasures.- Made from cotton and plant-based cellulose fibers, these...

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Natural Latex Cleaning Gloves - Large, Green

$17.00 $12.99

Spiff your space without your hands getting dirty. Our sleek, slip-resistant gloves combat muck while keeping you dry and out of harsh chemicals' reach. From kitchens and baths to mudrooms and more- this sturdy pair goes the distance in style.- Interior...

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CupboardStore - Easy-access Storage Caddy

$27.00 $19.99

This simple caddy makes storing cleaning items such as bottles, spray cleaners and sponges organized and easy to access. Smooth-running wheels for easy removal from cupboard.- Perfect for organizing and storing all types of cleaning items- Large...

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Sweep & Swipe Laptop Cleaner

$18.00 $13.99

We created the OXO Good Grips Sweep & Swipe Laptop Cleaner to keep laptops and tablets free of crumbs, fingerprints, dust and debris. The retractable brush sweeps away dirt and crumbs, while the specially shaped microfibre cleaning pad reaches into...

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Mesh Scrubber Grill Brush, 8.2-in

$19.00 $13.99

Bristle free and ready to steam. This dual padded scrubber is non-clogging, non-abrasive and safe with all grill types, including porcelain. The woven mesh heads are replaceable and can be used to steam clean your grill surface when...

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