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Get Grilling!

Elevate your next backyard barbecue with trusty grilling gear and essentials ingredients.


Classic Steak Knife - Coral Peach, 4.5-in


The iconic WÜSTHOF Classic 4.5-in (12cm) Steak Knife is, like anything and everything WÜSTHOF, forged in a centuries-old global destination for knife artisanship: Solingen, Germany. The extra-sharp blade cuts perfectly through your favourite...

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Side Shelf BBQ Silicone Mat, 14 x 11-in


Silicone mat for the side of the BBQ.- Prevents scratches on BBQ side shelves- Protects surfaces from grease and sauce splatters- Ecological and economical alternative to costly single-use Aluminium Foil- All COOKINA products are designed in Canada- Can...

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Rib Rub, 300g


Sprinkle Competition Rib Rub on ribs, pork shoulder/butt, chops, tenderloin or chicken before grilling or smoking.- Other Uses: The rub is sweet and fragrant so you can sprinkle it on popcorn, hash browns, French fries, mashed potatoes or vegetables.-...

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Skewers 13.25-in - Non-Stick, Set of 6

$10.00 $6.99

No more fighting to bite. Slide pieces neatly off your kebab skewers due to their high quality nonstick PTFE/PFOA free coating. These 6 non-stick skewers take the fight out of your bites, and their flat design prevents food from spinning...

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Dryglaze Seasoning - Santa Fe BBQ, 57g


Our Santa Fe BBQ Dryglaze seasoning blend combines the sweet heat BBQ flavour of honey and smoky chipotle together with traditional BBQ flavours of garlic and onion powder, sea salt and oregano.  Delicious on pork, seafood and chicken.- Gluten...

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BBQ Glazed Salmon Seasoning Mix, 1oz


This blend creates a beautiful, caramelized glaze over your favourite type of fish filet. It’s sweet from the brown sugar but also has smoked paprika for a spiced, smoky bbq flavour.- Natural flavours- Gluten free- Ingredients: Brown Sugar,...

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